Hermitage R-IV School Board Meeting

May 16, 2022

The Hermitage R-IV Board of Education held its monthly meeting on May 16, 2022 at 6:30 PM. The meeting began with the approval of bills. The board also listened to a request made by the school’s FCCLA Advisor Becky Bishop requesting additional funding for a student who will be attending the National Convention in California. Dr. Yates provided an update on recent legislation affecting the school district such as a 70/30 grant to promote an increase in teacher pay, a new Career Ladder program and an increase in transportation funding. The board was informed of a new bus being delivered by the end of the month. Then Dr. Yates updated the board on the Early Education Center building project due to begin construction on June 6 and the electric project due to be completed before the start of school. The district is also replacing seven HVAC systems in the Elementary as well as the drop ceiling in seven classrooms. This is due to be done before school starts. The school will go live with a new website and school app on July 1. This report was followed by an end of the year update from the HS and Elementary principals.

In new business, The Board of Education approved the continued school participation in State and Federal programs as well as the approval of unused sick leave pay for staff. The Board also approved a request from two teachers to attend the EduProtocol Summer Conference in California. There was discussion regarding the revision of the 2022-2023 salary schedule based on the passage of the state budget. The Board approved a modified salary schedule which included an increase in salary for all certified staff of $3,600 which will be applied to the raise that was approved in March. This increase in local funding is dependent on the continued passage of state appropriations and may not be available in subsequent years. In addition to the salary increase a summer coaching stipend was approved for all head coaches.

In Executive Session, the Board approved the hire of the following teachers: Vanessa Sawyer as Title 1 Teacher and PreK-5 Curriculum Director, Sara Berringer as K-12 Nurse, Krystal Keller as 1/2 Time HS Math Teacher, Shian VonHolten as Behavior Interventionist, Sandy Crain as Elementary Custodian, and Jim Wheeler as Assistant Track Coach.

The next board meeting was set for June 28, 2022.